• An association of doctors for the medical sector

    Médecin Ensemble is an association registered in the Official Journal of the French Republic N° 782 of December 1994, pursuant to Act 1901. No fees, either in the form of a salary or an allowance, are paid to stakeholder members of the association or to the organisers.


    Participants are not charged subscription fees.


    Meeting content, which is prepared by specialists, varies with each new meeting convened, as regards :

     - clinical cases

     - various aspects of an illness or a treatment.

     - reviews and strong points


    Direct discussions between the audience and the participants help provide targeted information to address specific queries.

    Médecin Ensemble organises 2 to 3 meetings a year.


    The Board (elected on an annual basis) is comprised of :

    Chairperson: Dr. Christine ROUBY

    Vice-Chair: Dr. Isabelle MARCO-BAERTICH 

    Secretary: Dr. Philippe MOINARD

    Treasurer: Dr. Benoît FONTENEL


    Board members: Dr. Isabelle BILLIART, Dr. Eric CARRIE, Dr. Bruno DONGAY, Dr. Olivier GARCIA, Dr. Matthieu LAPEYRE, Dr. Jean René ROUANE