• Introduction and benefits

    The DMP (shared-access medical file) is an electronic health record that can be accessed by you and your patient.

    This service improves the organisation and quality of healthcare and facilitates the treatment of patients. The information can be accessed for enhanced supervision of your medical treatment plan.

    In the event of an immediate health threat, the shared-access medical file can be accessed :


    by the coordinating doctor of the local emergency services, centre 15 or the emergency mobile unit

    - by a health professional in an emergency situation, if he is unable to respond to initial questions on his state of health


    Your benefits

    Through the shared-access medical file system, you are given very easy access to the documents required to treat your patients: reports or discharge letters for inpatients, multidisciplinary team meeting reports and treatment protocols for cancer patients, briefing reports, prescriptions, consultation reports, etc.


  • DMP in Pasteur


    The Pasteur Clinic has entered into an agreement with ASIP Santé to participate in the creation of shared-access medical files (DMP) for your patients, and incorporate these into its already up-and-running computer system.


    In September 2012, the Clinic started a test phase with three doctor’s surgeries


     In late 2012, the DMP was rolled out in other doctor’s surgeries-


     In early 2013, the DMP was universally implemented in all of the institution’s surgeries


    If the patients gives consent, a DMP is immediately created from information on his carte vitale (French national health insurance card).


    The Pasteur Clinic is among the first in the departement to offer this service to its patients.


  • Documentation

    A brochure for health professionals has been created for your information and guidance.


    For further information, visit the website for shared-access medical files (DMP).