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    You are, or are planning to become, a staff member of a rapidly expanding company, and we are confident that we can count on you.


    The Pasteur Clinic pays special attention to its new employees. Consequently, we implement every measure to ensure that you are integrated as seamlessly as possible into our institution.


    The Management of the Pasteur Clinic thanks in advance for investing in our establishment.

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    Your reception

    During the course of the recruitment administrative formalities, you will be given a set of relevant documents along with a welcome booklet by the staff.


    This is for the purpose of providing you with all of the necessary practical information to facilitate your integration into the institution.

    - introduction to the Pasteur Clinic
    - your rights and obligations
    - everyday life
    - information and in-house communication

    A very special welcome, in the form of a matinee, is organised for newcomers.
    The director and members of the clinic introduce themselves at this event.


    The clinic’s human resource policy is geared towards staff satisfaction and wellbeing. The management and supervisory staff institute the measures necessary to create ideal working conditions and work organisation (machinery, work methods, time management, etc.).


    The clinic’s human resources office is available to answer any particular administrative queries you may have. Send an email to or visit them.


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    Why choose the Pasteur Clinic?

    By joining the Pasteur, you will have the opportunity to practice in a leading regional institution.

    At the Pasteur Clinic, we exist for our patients.


    The PASTEUR mindset

    The PATIENT is our primary concern
    Your ACCEPTANCE into a people-oriented organisation
    An SUPERIOR healthcare delivered by professionals
    A TEAM of multidisciplinary professionals
    An ETHICAL approach to all treatment proceduresTeam
    An UNITY of primary importance to all members
    Our RECOGNITION of the patient as key


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    A strong sense of social responsibility

    Through the continuous commitment of Management over the years (profit-sharing, incentives, employee savings plans, etc.), the Pasteur Clinic has become a corporate citizen attuned to the needs of its employees, embracing “solidarity” as its watchword.


    An example of the progress made in 2013 with respect to social responsibility toward its staff :

    - 90% receive an extra month’s bonus
    - All staff members are considered for health insurance
    - Inter-departmental movement
    - Continuous collaboration with the social partners (CGT – CIMP)
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    Your daily routine

    Among other things, the Pasteur Clinic provides you with :



    a staff restaurant with meals prepared in-house as for patients

    - a dynamic works council
    - a fully equipped staff lounge
    - a 50% refund on your travel passes, bearing in mind that the clinic has very good tube, bus, tram and express train links
    - parking (for bicycles, motorbikes and cars)
    - social welfare benefits
    - staff trade unions and representatives
    - a library
    - sports clubs
    - various trade magazines accessible on the intranet


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    Continuous training

    Professional training for staff is offered throughout the year. 


    This enables staff members to develop their skills and keep them current.