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    Same-day admission or outpatient services

    You are planning to be admitted to the Pasteur Clinic. There are several types of admission which will be chosen by your doctor or surgeon depending on your illness, the treatment required and your circumstances.


    Your treatment will be in the category of a same-day admission.


    Also referred to as outpatient, this type of admission is becoming increasingly common and is made possible due to technical, medical and surgical advances, as well as to advancements in the area of surgical techniques and anaesthesia.


    In the case of same-day or outpatient surgery, your treatment and discharge are given within 24 hours: you are admitted to the clinic and normally discharged on the same day (you do not stay overnight). All conditions for your safety are respected.


    Most outpatient admissions are handled in the Atrium, a recently constructed building used specifically for this type of treatment. You will be installed in a fully-equipped room or a single compartment. First-rate hospitality services will be provided. The Pasteur Clinic team will spare no effort in making your stay a pleasant one.