• Introduction

    The home-hospitalisation (HH) department is a full-fledged, comprehensive, general health institution providing at-home maintenance care to the patient, who still enjoys the quality of care and safety characteristic of a health institution.


    The home-hospitalisation (HH) department provides round-the-clock coordinated, continuous medical and paramedical care, characterised by complex, frequent fixed-term procedures, but subject to review depending on the patient’s state of health. This may require psychological and social interventions.


  • Admission criteria

    Admission to the Pasteur Clinic’s HH programme is gained through the consent of the patient and his relations and by a simple request from the attending physician or specialist.


    There are three treatment categories :

    - Occasional care, with technical and complex treatments, administered to patients with an unstable disease, for a predetermined period, which can be repeated on a regular basis
    - Continuous care, for an indeterminate period, combining technical or less complex treatments, nursing care, life-support care and even terminal care. This care is given to patients with a progressive disease.

    Home rehabilitation for patients having undergone treatment for a specific period, following the acute phase of a neurological, orthopaedic, cardiac or multiple diseases. Therapy education is included.


    HH provides treatment for serious diseases, and often for multiple illnesses: cancers, post-surgical treatments, complex wounds, etc.


  • Operating territories

    The Pasteur Clinic’s HH has three locations (Toulouse, Carbonne and Quint-Fonsegrives).


    The department’s patients are from the Haute-Garonne Nord region, with Greater Toulouse covered by the Pasteur HH head office and its neighbouring Quint-Fonsegrives complex, while the southern region is covered by the Pasteur HH branch in Carbonne.

    A breakdown of the coverage


    Contact the Pasteur HH department at 05 62 21 30 36 or

  • clinique-pasteur-equipe-pluridisciplinaire

    Multidisciplinary team

    Supporting the director and the two coordinating doctors is a Pasteur HH team comprised of :


    - 1 health supervisor
    - 3 female head nurses including a childcare coordinator
    - 10 nurses
    - 8 nurse’s aides
    - 1 psychologist
    - 1 social worker
    - 1 dietician
    -  2 secretaries1 logistics coordinator
    This team is specialised in pain management, palliative care, paediatrics (oncology) and treatment education.
  • Organising your inpatient stay

    Treatment commences after the patient has had medical and psychosocial assessments. This enables the multidisciplinary team to formulate a treatment plan.


    After the patient’s admission has been approved, the coordinating doctor contacts his regular doctor. Next, the health supervisors, who are responsible for the coordination, organise the patient’s treatment with the various private practitioners.


    A treatment record is compiled and used to note down the patient’s medical data. This facilitates communication between the healthcare partners. The Pasteur HH division has created a technological tool, Medicate, for computerising the entire “home hospitalisation process”.


    Depending on the treatment plan, the logistics coordinator delivers the necessary medical equipment to the patient’s home. A social plan is also put in place if necessary, along with psychological support for the patient and his relations.