• Clinique Pasteur objets personnels

    Your suitcase and personal effects

    For your admission, you will require clothing (sleepwear, dressing gown, slippers, a suit of clothing for your discharge, etc.) and a wash bag (toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, soap, hand towel and flannel, etc.).


    Do not bring valuable items (jewellery, cash, mobile phone, etc.) for your stay at the clinic.

     If you bring personal items, we suggest that you have them secured in the admissions office safe (Main reception office, Door 1).

     If you wear spectacles, a hearing device or a dental appliance, please notify the healthcare team upon your arrival.


    In accordance with the public health code, all personal items kept with you are your responsibility. The clinic shall not be held liable in the event of loss or theft.

  • clinique-pasteur-conditions-sejour

    The conditions of your stay

    Service rates are set by the Ministry of Health and published each year in the Official Journal of the French Republic. These rates will be invoiced to the social security organisations by which you are covered.

     Get more information from the Health Insurance web site.


    The institution accepts UMC.


    As agreed for sector 1 contractees, the vast majority of doctors at the clinic do not charge additional fees.

  • clinique-pasteur-bracelet-identification

    Your ID bracelet

    Upon arrival at the care unit, a nurse will place a bracelet on your wrist. This will enable us to identify you at every stage of admission. Kindly wear it until you are discharged.


    Using this measure, we hope to provide you with added security in terms of identity monitoring.


  • clinique-pasteur-personnel-service-tenue

    Staff available to assist you

    During your stay, you will receive individualised care as prescribed by the doctors and based on your special requirements. A round-the-clock team of professionals ensures that this care is safe and well-organised.


    - Head nurse and nursing staff (in white), administering treatment
    - Nurse’s aides (in white with blue trim), providing personal hygiene and comfort
    - Hospitality staff (in white with green trim), responsible for keeping your room and the premises tidy
    - Dietitians (in white), providing you with an appropriate diet

    Orderlies (in blue), moving you between treatments and examinations


    The professional staff are easy to identify by the badges bearing their name and position and by their uniform.

  • clinique-pasteur-personne-a-prevenir

    Person to be notified

    Our departments will require that you designate a person to be notified in the event of a situation requiring such (formalities, transport, support, etc.)
    The person to be notified may or may not be different from the trusted person.



  • clinique-pasteur-personne-de-confiance

    Trusted person

    (Article 11 of the act relative to the rights of patients and Article L. 1111-6 of the public health code):


    You may designate a trusted person (a relative, a friend or your attending physician) to accompany you throughout your treatment and in decision-making.


    This person will be consulted, wherever possible, in the event that you become incapable of speaking for yourself.


    The designation of a trusted person :


    - Is not compulsory,
    - Shall be in writing (a special form),
    - May be revoked at any time (preferably in writing),
    - Is valid for the period of admission


    It is your responsibility to inform the person you have chosen and to obtain his/her consent. All decisions taken in this regard will be included in your medical records.

  • clinique-pasteur-directive-anticipe

    Advance directives

    (Article L.1111-11 of the public health code)
    Any adult may, by request, make a written declaration, referred to as “advance directives”, in order to specify his wishes with respect to his death, in the event that he or she becomes incapable of speaking for himself/herself.


    These instructions, renewable every three years, can be annulled or modified at any time.


    In order for them to be taken into consideration, kindly pass this information on to the doctor who will be responsible for your treatment at the institution.