• clinique-pasteur-chambre-hospit

    Your hospital room

    The clinic offers single and double rooms. You can be placed in a private room at your request, depending on availability.


    Each room is equipped with :

    - air-conditioning
    - bathroom or shower room,
    - toilets,
    - a telephone,
    - a television (TNT, Canal+ channels and satellite package)
    - Wifi access
    - and a private built-in cupboard with keys

     Personal headphones are available in some departments.


    Prices for extras


  • clinique-pasteur-chambre-ambulatoire

    Your outpatient room

    Depending on the nature of your intervention, you will be placed in a compartment or a room (with toilet and shower).


    Both of these are spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned, and furnished with a TV and Wifi access, among other amenities. 

  • clinique-pasteur-autres-services

    Other services

    For the duration of your stay, the Pasteur Clinic will provide you with the following services, at the institution :



    Hairdressing services, beautician services, pedicures. (These external professionals can come to your room; payment can be made directly to them at the end of the session).

    -  Religious services (you can request a visit from a minister of religion of your choice)


    To request these services, simply ask a member of the hospitality staff.


  • clinique-pasteur-prise-en-charge-enfants

    Paediatric treatment

    There are plans to set up an organisation for the treatment of children and adolescents as well as their relatives, with respect for and attention to their needs, with a view to making hospitalisation time less traumatic and as pleasant as possible.


    You will receive a special booklet on this treatment from the medical team.

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    Meals and accommodation for accompanying persons

    Visitors have the option of ordering their meals before 10 a.m and before 5 p.m from the hospitality department. These meals must be consumed in the patient’s room. There are also several choices of food service providers in close proximity to the Clinic.


    A guest bed can be placed in your room, for an additional charge. However, there is available accommodation nearby.


    Rates for extra charges

  •  Clinique Pasteur visteurs horaires


    Unless otherwise indicated by the head nurse, visits are authorised at the following times :


    - Therapy wards from 12h30 to 20h30
    - Cardiac Intensive Care Unit from 11h30 to 12h30 and from 18h30 to 19h30
    - Intensive Care from 12h to 21h. Two persons are allowed per visit.
    - Continuous Surgical Monitoring wards from 12h to 14h and from 16h to 20h.
    - Cardiovascular surgery wards from 13h to 20h.


  • clinique-pasteur-repas-hospit

    Your hospital meals

    The meals prepared in-housedaily by our chefs are distinct, tasty, attractive, balanced and of high quality.


    Our food services form an integral part of your healthcare. Your menus are specially designed to be consistent with our approach of “Sustainable Health Nutrition” and are created with fresh, local, organic products that are rich in Omega 3.


    Each day a hospitality staff member consults with you on the next dish for your meal, according to your tastes and wishes.


    Meal times :

    - Breakfast from 7h30 to 8h
    - Lunch from 11h30 to 12h
    - Afternoon tea from 16h to 16h30
    - Dinner from 18h30 to 19h


    Find out more about the Pasteur Clinic’s food services

  • clinique-pasteur-collation

    Your outpatient snacks

    After each outpatient examination or treatment, you are served a light meal, either in your consultation cubicle or in the snacks area.


    These meals are prepared on-site, and are appropriate to your illness (especially in the case of chemotherapy).

  • clinique-pasteur-nutrition

    Your nutrition

    Constant daily interaction between the dietitians and the food services department is necessary in the preparation of appropriate menus for each client.


    The dieticians, with the help of the hospitality staff, take care of patients with nutritional disorders linked with their illness (diabetology, cardiology, digestive surgery, pneumology and even encology) .


    Our dieticians make every effort to offer you support throughout your stay as well as after your discharge.

     Further information about the nutritional care of our patients.