• Special electronic patient record

    The Pasteur Clinic’s IT history dates back to the decade of 2000.


    Today, paper is no longer used. This is owing to electronic patient records which have helped to perfect an information system designed for healthcare safety and service to patients. The institution has developed a software package for computerising medical prescriptions.


    The prescription system (from the doctor to the nurse by way of the chemist) is used throughout the clinic. Results, reports, images, videos, etc. are integrated into the clinic’s electronic patient records. This improves the quality of care and enables the doctor to have direct access to his patient’s medical history. The nurses are no longer required to manually copy prescriptions, and potential errors are thereby avoided.


  • Medigate

    Home-hospitalisation (HH) has become a full-fledged  expanding hospitalisation system, requiring increasingly coordinated at-home healthcare by health professionals. Based on this observation, the Pasteur Clinic and MHCOMM (a Toulousian start-up company) created and developed a technological tool named Medigate, for the purposes of computerising the entire “home-hospitalisation process”. The system, which is set up in the patient’s home, facilitates healthcare coordination and is used to form and maintain links between the various practitioners (private doctors and nurses, HH teams, relatives, etc.).


    For the patient and his family, Medigate is an actual interface with the external medical environment.


    This tool revolutionises the sharing and transmission of patient information, relying on standard telecommunication technologies such as faxing and scanning or more advanced ones like cell phones, Wifi, etc. The system is especially useful for remotely monitoring the patient’s state of health. All data transmitted or entered using Medigate are outlined in the electronic patient record at the Pasteur Clinic.


  • Medinbox

    Medinbox is a technologically innovative system for connecting and integrating all operating theatre video sources.


    It was jointly developed by doctors and paramedics in order to optimally meet real-life conditions of use.


    Among its various options, Medinbox enables the broadcasting of theatre images within or outside of the institution in real time for telemedicine or interactive training purposes. It can also be used to including recorded images of critical surgical moments in the patient’s file, or even to create video libraries for teaching purposes.


    The purpose of this upgradable system with its simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface, is to record, store, run or transmit images from various medical sources (video cameras, CT scanners, etc.). The ability to combine images captured from a variety of sources in a single screen, gives the system an extremely wide scope of application.


    Link to the Medinbox website

  • Identity Monitoring


    In collaboration with the company Welch Allyn, an automatic WIFI transmission system has been developed for transmitting and recording in the electronic health record, the doses constantly administered at the patient’s bedside.