• Excellence

    The Pasteur Clinic is the third largest private French health institution in terms of turnover.


    Its domain of excellence is cardiology. It is the leading cardiology and cardiac surgery institution in France in terms of number of procedures.


    The institution is also the leading regional cancer care centre in terms of chemotherapy sessions.


  • Code of ethics

    The Pasteur Clinic’s doctors have never collected dividends. Medical service remains the number one priority. Our policy of reinvesting returns serves to maintain the tools of our trade and create working conditions conducive to the promotion of excellence. Accordingly, the majority of practitioners are sector 1 contractees.


    Being the 8th health institution in France to be ISO 14001-certified, the Pasteur Clinic has for many years been on a sustainable development path, a path which in addition to environmental factors and occupational wellbeing, also takes account of integrated nutrition, etc.


    The institution has for years supported persons on outplacement contract.


  • Innovation

    In order to offer up-to-the-minute medical services to its patients, the Pasteur Clinic is equipped with ultra-modern technical facilities, makes use of the latest medical advances and develops new information technologies.


    In 2000 its teams created and developed electronic patient records which are accepted and used in other French organisations.


  • Autonomy

    The Pasteur Clinic belongs to its doctors, virtually all of whom are shareholders.


    Our legitimate economic activities are carried on in the interest of the patient.
    The institution is a member of Clinavenir, a regional alliance of independent clinics.

    Clinavenir website


    The Pasteur Clinic is at the same time a member of Santé Cité, a national group of private clinics that advocates shared values.

    Santé Cité website.