• Local clinic

    Located in the town centre, the Pasteur Clinic at present houses 449 beds and places in conventional, outpatient and home-hospitalisation settings, and boasts a staff of about 1300 professionals, including 166 doctors. Despite its size, the Pasteur Clinic has managed to remain people-centred. The institution receives 40,000 patients a year.


    The institution operates according to an unusual economic model where the doctors are shareholders.


  • Organisational Chart

    The Pasteur Clinic is structured as a public limited company with a Board of Directors and a Management Committee.


    The Board of Management is made up of :

             -Dr. Franc Berthoumieu, Chief Executive Officer

             - Mr. Alain Mazaleyrat, Executive Vice- Presiden

             -  Dr. Jacques Besse, Dr. Jean Fajadet, Dr. Philippe Mole, Dr. Christophe Raspaud,  Dr. Anne-Marie Salandini, Members


    The Management Committee team (from left to right) :

             -Mr. Michel Meunier, Administrative and Financial Director

            - Mrs. Anne-Marie Pronost, Assistant  Director

            - Mr. Dominique Pon, Director général

             - Dr. Franc Berthoumieu, Chief Executive Officer

             - Mr. Olivier Geoffroy, IT, Technical and Logistics Director


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