• 2013

    Audit of EMAS certification, a new stage in our commitment to sustainable development in France and Europe.


    Opening of the Pasteur HH annexe in Quint Fonsegrives on the outskirts of Toulouse.

  • 2012

    Opening of several departments :

    - an Outpatient Interventional Cardiology Department (13 treatment cubicles),
    - a second continuous monitoring department,
    - a unit specialising in Paediatric Rhythmology
    - an Interventional Phlebology Centre

    Launch of the Passerelle project, a new 10,000 m2 building spread over 7 storeys.

  • 2011

    Mr. Jean-Pierre Deymier retires and Mr. Dominique Pon is appointed Director of the Clinic.


    Two new units are opened in the Atrium: the oncology-haematology and outpatient medicine unit and the day surgery unit. The Atrium Vision centre for refractive surgery is created.


    A Chest Pain Admission Centre is created at the same time.


    ISO 14001 certification gained.


  • 2010

    The Pasteur Clinic’s HH department opens offices in Carbonne (31) and expands its staff to 85.


  • 2009

    Opening of a 600-space car park.


    Recognition of environmental issues and commencement of an environmental programme.

  • 2008

    Opening of the largest private radiotherapy centre in France, housed in the Atrium building.


  • 2005

    Authorisation given to install particle accelerators on the Clinic site (5 machines are set up).


    Opening of an HH (home-hospitalisation) department with 30 beds.


    Launch of process for ISO 9001 certification of departments outside of the healthcare ambit (food services, biomedical, hospitality, etc.).



  • 2004

    The institution is given authorisation to set up 1 PET(positron emission tomography) scanner.


    Roll-out of a shared-access patient file system accessible to all the relevant professionals



  • 2003

    130 practicing doctors and 1000 staff are employed at the clinic. With a complement of 348 beds and spaces, it accommodates approximately 29,000 patients a year.



  • Années 1990


    Mr. Franc Berthoumieu nominated to the post of Chairman of the Board of Management.


    Outpatient activity acknowledged with the allocation of accommodation for 12 surgical patients and 30 medical and chemotherapy outpatients.


    Mr. Foulquié retires; the original (joint stock) company becomes a PLC (public liability company). Mr. Forouhar Vahdat is appointed Chairman of the Board with Mr. Jean-Pierre Deymier as company director.


  • Since its establishment


    Opening of a nuclear medicine centre. Setup of an operating theatre, haemodynamics services and the restructuring of numerous departments.


    Opening of the Surgical building and two new intensive care units (48 additional beds)


    An extension is added to the main building


    The clinic expands into the main 6-storey building on Lombez avenue. It already houses all of the medical and surgical specialist services.


    Opening of the 1st and Pneumology and Phthisiology wing, with 40 beds, 6 doctors and 40 staff.


    Plans for a clinic discussed by several doctors and Mr. Paul Foulquié (who would be the statutory head of the clinic for many years).